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Just occured to me how make up revolves around pinks and peaches when it comes to cheeks and lips… This traditional way of making up with pinks and peaches, gets little boring, especially when most brands make available all sorts of colours for each skin tone.

New year, new shopping *urge!*, I found myself at MAC counter during lunch time 🙂 Which other colour would flatter my skin tone?

I was checking a few lipsticks, trying on the colours… I found an easy one, ‘Syrup’ (Lustre finish). The colour was sheer enough for my liking, tried it on my lips, not bad at all. It has a hint of plum/purple in it, which compliments the colour of my lips and my brown hair and eyes. I was convinced and moved on to the eyeshadows…


I liked the idea of plums, purples, and I checked similar tones, shimmery ones, matte ones, different finishes and settled on the shade called ‘Quarry’. I asked for help to get the lipstick and eyeshadow. That’s when the lady at MAC counter asked me if I would be interested on the limited edition quad which has a very similar colour as ‘Quarry’. Of course I would 🙂 When it comes to limited editions, aren’t we all interested? I checked the quad called ‘Interior Life’ by Daphne Guiness collection. I really liked these cool toned, mute shadows, that are perfect for everyday brunettes. I wouldn’t reach out for this pallette if I wasn’t suggested ’cause the colours look a little dull at first glance and when you try them on, you realize how they make brown eyes pop. Finishing is quite satin like matte, stays on good 10 hours without creasing.

Happy with my new lipstick and the quad, next day, I decided to get a blush that would give more of a plum hint than the regular peaches and pinks. Again, I was checking at MAC counter and found the ‘Breath of Plum’, sheer tone blush colour and as the name has it, it has the perfect  plum tone, which wouldn’t make you look bruised. The colour on the pan looks vibrant but still very subtle due to sheer tone finishing. Kind of my natural blushing colour on the cheeks, compared to the regular blushes that I reach out everyday with the idea that blush needs to be either pink or peach.

Long story short, I enjoyed this new way, a little plumy make up treat for myself.

I believe a little change in tone, makes a lot of difference on make up. I find this plum touch a little more on the modern side than the traditional pinks and peaches.

If you are tired of the regular blush colours in your mind/collection, go and try out some plum tone, maybe you would enjoy it as much as I did :).

Take care!