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Ashes to Ashes is a single eyeshadow by Nars which I adore for a warm look all year round… Yesterday, I found myself reaching for it out of blue and felt so good when I applied it after a long time. I think I was so much in to purples and plums I forgot my other favourites.

‘Violet brown with shimmer’ – that’s how it is described in Nars’s web page but the swatch and the description is not doing justice to the shade. I recommend to go and check at the counter to get the right feeling about Ashes to Ashes. I believe it would suit blue and green eyes pretty well, making them popย and when it comes to brown eyes, it is adding a very natural warmth and depth.

It is a versatile colour which can be used in many ways for many occasions, one man army ๐Ÿ™‚ The quality is brilliant like all other Nars eyeshadows. Butter like, almost satin finish with subtle shimmer. Stays on very well for hours without creasing.

I hope this will convince you to go and check in personย – Ashes to Ashes ๐Ÿ™‚ and become hooked from the first swatching moment.

Until next time, take care!