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Well, if you asked me a couple of years ago, I had no idea about make up brushes… I was buying in to some brushes which are not branded and with reasonable prices from pharmacies. And in time, I started to believe in the brush application magic and was convinced to pay for good quality (I am referring to buy Laura Mercier or MAC make up brushes :))

For me it all started with a face kabuki from Laura Mercier to apply my Laura Mercier loose Mineral Powder SPF 20. I was amazed how easy and effective the application is. The coverage of the powder was exactly what I asked for and with just a few touches. Then I started buying brushes, having more confidence on what they will achieve for me :).

The second addition to my collection was another Laura Mercier – secret camouflage brush. This is a tiny, little brush for concealing which is working wonders with secret camouflage concealer, or with any other concealer in fact. Just a touch to the spot/blemish/scar or any other imperfection to conceal and maybe a quick tap with a finger tip, you are done.

When I started to follow blogs and Youtube channels, I was surprised to see how many brushes are needed to do the job… And I was amazed with the choise of brands out there. Although MAC is one of the best quality options and for sure easy to get, I was much more in to Laura Mercier still. I had a collection of brushes in years and which one of these I am using on a day to day basis since years would be as follows;

Shiseido Foundation brush: This is a very good angled flat top brush which is fairly new, released some time last summer. It makes the application of liquid foundations flawless and not bad to use with compact foundations either. I highly recommend this short handled foundation brush.



MAC 129 Sh Blush brush: This is another brush that I am using for ages, 6-7 years and still going strong. I use this short handled brush as a blush brush on every day basis and quite happy with the application.



MAC 217 Blending brush: This is a cult make up brush in the make up world as everybody is reaching out for this one when it comes to bleding brush. It can be used for under eye concealer or eye shadow blending. I personally use it for both purposes and like the results for both. I alternate this one with Laura’s Pony tail brush for eye shadow blending. Both are equally successful.

I finish with spot/scar concealing with Laura’s secret camouflage brush (above) and I don’t reach out for any other brush on a daily basis.

These brushes are for the quickest make up (10 min tops) every morning. I recommend all of them as they are with me for years and I washed them on a regular basis, none of them lost the shape or application success over the years.

The trick is to use a mild shampoo to clean them and rinse throughly. Let them dry on a flat position.

Hope this is useful. Until next time, take care!