They’re Real


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They’re real ūüôā is Benefit’s latest mascara which¬†has been released sometime last summer. I recently convinced myself to pick one and try…

First of all, I have to admit I have different taste in mascara and not a big fan of dramatic eye look. If a mascara delivers no mascara look yet thickens the lashes for healthier¬†and natural look, I will be hooked. Laura Mercier Thickening and Building Mascara or Maybelline’s Full n Soft achieves this¬†very natural look, they are not wet in texture nor clumpy or dry, almost smudge proof.

A mini review on They’re Real for you who haven’t tried it yet;

Texture: Wet yet dries quickly.

Effect: Definitely gives a lot of volume, thickens the lashes, leaving them defined, seperated¬†and shiny. It is obvious you are wearing mascara and in fact lots of it. Only two coats would give the effect of many coats on. Doesn’t feel heavy on the lashes though.

Staying Power: Stays put all day long, does not smudge easily.

Overall it is quite good if you are up to shiny black lashes with a dramatic, made up look. Might go well with blue eyes better but I find it too dramatic with my brown eyes for day to day use. Might be a nice special occasion mascara.

Hope you find this review helpful. Until next time, take care!



March 2012 Favourites


Well, March is about to end and the weather is feeling more spring like already… A lot to change in our routines with spring/summer on the way… And of course it gets a lot easier with the energy we feel during this time. Just enjoy and get the most of sun shine out there as I should say ‘well deserved’ for many of us who had a strong winter.

What have been my favourites for the month of March? Let’s see…

Skin care wise I should mention my all time favourite cleanser and moisturizer;

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish –¬†Hot Cloth cleanser: I probably can’t say enough good things about this product. Easiest yet most effective cleansing routine I came across so far and I have to admit I’ve tried significant number of cleansers in time, having problematic skin. It is a thick cream cleanser, the cleansing process is¬†combined with hot muslin cloth application which is gently exfoliating and keeping pores clean. It is almost a year that it is going strong in my routine, highly recommend this product for any skin types and all year around.

It removes make up, cleanses skin throughly and exfoliates with just one product and can be used for eyes as well.

The downside is limited distribution. You can find the brand in John Lewis in UK and online ( Retails around 14 GBP for 100 ml product and two muslin cloths.

All I would say that it is brilliant!

Estee Lauder Hydrationist Maximum Moisture Lotion: This is the lotion of my choice that delivers right amount¬†of moisture¬†for an everyday use – in the morning under make up and at night. I always go back to this one. Leaves the skin soft and younger looking, quickly absorbed, doesn’t have¬†greasy feeling and improves the signs of aging within time. Very light cucumber scent makes you feel fresh. Lotion is water based and very light textured however not runny or wet during application. I recommend this one, especially for spring/summer period when skin is not in need of heavier moisturizing routine.

When it comes to make up, this month’s favourite is an obvious pick which is my new Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Fresh & Hydrating Cream Compact. I have a mini review on this one,¬†you can¬†scroll down to my previous post. It¬†is an easy way¬†to have glowing skin with quick application. Chanel once again did a great job ūüôā

Well, well, well, of course, when it is spring like outside, nail polishes also changes colours and become nice accessorize to outfits. My favourite spring/summer colour is from Mavala РShanghai.

Very warm coral pink which makes me feel alive each time I have a glance at my nails. It also makes nice toe colour in summer. Bright enough to feel good and subtle enough to wear at work.

And there is one random favourite to mention¬†which is not beauty related. Although a little late on the trend, I am reading the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins this month and quite hooked already. It is described as young adult fiction (which I am¬†a little old for the targetted audience but¬†still enjoy it). I won’t give away much, as the movie will be out this month in many regions. Have an eye on if you fancy fictional futuristic¬†stories.

That seems to be all for this month. Until next time, take care!


Look – what I got !


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I -finally- got my hands on Chanel’s new Vitalumiere Aqua Fresh & Hydrating Cream Compact last week.

After testing for a week, here is what I think;


It is oil – free and non comedogenic.

Packaging: Elegant and user – friendly

Price tag: Like all Chanel foundations, it is not cheap. Retails around 49 ‚ā¨ in EU.

Coverage: Medium to buildable coverage with second skin effect

Staying power: Stays on for hours without touch up and the look gets more natural and fresh in a few hours. Doesn’t change color or oxidize.

Shades: Limited. Comes in three groups of undertones, Pink toned shades, Beige/Yellow toned shades, and Golden toned shades. 10 Beige, 30 Beige, 40 Beige, 22 Beige rose, 42 Beige rose, 34 Beige Ambre, 54 Beige ambre. Missing 20 Beige which was matching many skin tones (fair to medium). 20 Beige is availbale in US not yet in EU which is a disappointment.

Overall it is for sure a ‘winner’ in compact foundation department. The texture is impressive. Feels very light on the skin, like you have no make up on, and yet the coverage is quite satisfying. I totally recommend this one, if you can manage to find your color match. I bought this in 10 Beige which is a good match at the moment, however I have to get 20 Beige for spring/summer as soon as it is available in EU to have healthier looking skin for nice weather.

Hope you find this review helpful. See you next time and until then take care!


New Generation Foundations


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Just wanted to say ‘heads up’ for the new generation foundations that will be out for Spring/Summer 2012 from several brands.

I’m looking forward to meet with new Chanel Vitalumiere Acqua¬†Fresh and Hydrating Cream Compact foundation.

As soon as I heard this is to come, I ran¬†to the Chanel counter to ask the date – March 12 th I¬†was told ūüôā¬†¬†I really appreciate compact foundations as they are really easy to travel with, not brush dependant and not messy to apply, perfect for handbag and touch ups.

Another week to go, can’t wait (!)¬†given the Chanel Vitalumiere Acqua is one of my favorite foundations, I am sure I will love the compact version.

This is a new¬†addition to my collection. Clarins Ever Matte Foundation. I am excited to¬†try¬†and will edit a full¬†review. So far the texture is quite promising,¬†oil – free,¬†designed for combination/oily skin types. The colour selection that is available is limited and differeny by region¬†as¬†I couldn’t get hold of the 105 Nude in my region¬†and got 111 Toffie instead.


Estee is the other brand following the new ‘second skin foundation’ trend.¬†Estee Lauder Invisible Fluid Foundation. I can’t wait to¬†get my hands on this one as well. It is said to be¬†very light, skin like finish which is as well¬†promising and will be the lightest of all Estee Lauder¬†foundations as the range is full with really high coverage ones like Double Wear.

We will for sure have more and more options as the brands continue competing to develop the most natural foundations that are good for skin, reasonable coverage, achieving all asked for.

Reviews to follow as soon as I get hold of these new products and try them. Until then, take care!


February 2012 Favourites


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Although it‚Äôs March already and I am late for¬†February favorites, I say ‚Äėbetter late than never‚Äô and put together my list for this cold winter month.

Missing spring more than ever, my go-to look last month was fresh, glowing make up with a light base, pink blush and lips. This look is all about catching the light to look and feel healthy.

Products that I use to achieve this easy and quick make up look were my favorites for the month as I used them almost every day;

Bobbi Brown Pot rouge in Powder Pink: This is a cream product for both cheeks and lips. Easy to apply by dabbing with fingers. The color selection is wide and flattering for many skin tones. Especially when used on cheeks and lips at the same time, it provides a very fresh, healthy look, picks up the face immediately. When skin is dull during winter, it is always best to use cream products instead of powder ones. Powder intends to set on the dehydrated poor skin and doesn‚Äôt look fresh but cakey. Ironically the next product I will mention is a powder ūüôā

Chanel Illuminating Powder: This powder compact by Chanel is really impressive in terms of product quality and as well the elegant packaging. It comes with a really good brush that serves the purpose unlike many brushes that come with compacts. A very fine illuminating powder which I use a little on top of the cheek bones to catch the light. It is a very good level of shimmer, hardly noticeable but still catching the light successfully. Highlighters are a key trick to pick up the face, to give the illusion of glowing skin, especially during winter.

Clinique Airbrush Concealer: I believe this is one of the best under eye concealers I have ever used. A very light, light reflective texture yet meaty enough to cover the dark circles. I was introduced to this one by Lisa Eldridge tutorials and hooked since then. Especially when you want to achieve a fresh, spring like look, you have to make sure, your eyes don’t look tired. A little touch on to the dark shades under the eyes, this will do the trick of well rested eyes. You can dab this concealer on to any other dark shades on your face as well, it will help to lighten up.

If you wish to warm up your complexion on some days, you can add a touch of bronzer all over, under the cheek bones, on temples and you are good to go, not as pale as you wake up in the morning.

Nars Bronzer РLaguna: This is the one and only bronzer I have ever tried so I can’t really comment on this being best however I am quite happy with the shade although looks scary dark on the pan. It gives just the right amount of warmth to the pale skin with just a little shimmer, nothing I can’t handle. Using a bronzer is another trick to look and feel healthy with combination of blush and highlighter.

This seems to be it for my monthly favorites. Until next time, take care!


Lust: Laura Mercier


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It all started on a random day, wondering around¬†cosmetics floor at my local department store about 5 years ago. Laura Mercier counter¬†caught my eye. I had no idea about the brand,¬†just¬†attracted by¬†the chic brown colour theme, simple & sleek packaging. I’ve checked a couple of products and it was a love at first sight ūüôā Beautiful, flawless textures, most natural finishes, needless to say I am a big fan since then and would like to take you through a *starter kit* in other words¬†– best products no other brand could beat –¬†from Laura.

Tinted Moisturizers SPF 20:¬†These tinted moisturizers are brilliant! You can choose¬†from three different formulas, regular, oil – free and illuminating. A decent range of shades that¬†are quite promising to find your match. Perfect for the most natural make up,¬† especially for spring – summer time. The coverage is¬†medium and¬†buildable¬†up to high compared to other as called ‘tinted moisturizers’ in the market. The finishing is not matte, even the oil free one has somewhat dewy finish. I highly recommend this product all year around with support of concealer and maybe setting powder, these tinted moisturizers are much better than¬†many foundations out there.

Secret Camouflage: This is a cult product in make up world. Laura believes in achieving flawless face in steps and each step has almost magical, powerful¬†product that delivers. Secret camouflage applied with the tiny concealer brush, really does the trick of a flawless face.¬†It has two colour system which helps to¬†build the¬†most custom made colour for the¬†area needs concealing.¬†Pinkish colour¬†is a little creamier in texture than the other paler one and can be used either alone or mixed together. 8 colour combinations are offered, as many face products from Laura, finding your match, won’t be an issue. This is a very strong weapon in your make up bag, you won’t regret buying.

Mineral Powder SPF 15: This is far the best mineral powder in the market, once again to say the least. It is a non drying powder formula with quite high coverage and natural finish. Oil free and water resistant which offers a long stay power. Depending on the level of coverage you need, you can either choose a kabuki face brush (for more coverage) or a regular powder brush (for light coverage). If you are looking for a heavy duty alternative to liquid foundations, more practical to apply and easy to travel with, i highly recommend this one.

Illuminating Powder: Mocha Spice Quad – This one is one of the few products I was able to use up. The nice feeling of hitting the pan of the product…¬†Sheer blush quad which is quite flattering for brunettes with very low level of shimmer in it. The shade is really soft for an everyday look, especially giving the right amount of warmth for fall and winter. I repurchased this one and still going strong, as I haven’t yet come across anything like this.

Sponges: I can’t help but mention these 4 pack sponges that Laura offers¬†– the most expensive sponges ever! However when you are once¬†convinced to pay and have¬†the chance to try these, most likely, you will be so upset with any other. They are working wonders with liquid, creme foundations. Can be washed several times and last quite a long time compared to cheaper alternatives.¬†All make up brushes and accessories from Laura are really high in quality and all are really spot on to achieve what she is teaching you to achieve. Flawless face philosophy by her is really working with the right products and tools.

In addition I adore the matte eye shadows in shades; Black Plum, Plum Smoke, Twilight Grey and Coffee Ground, they have unique shades which are perfect for almost all eye colour.

I also love sheer lip colours in Nude Lips, Bare Lips. They are gorgeous colours. 

I really¬†enjoy this brand’s selection, almost all the products, from eye shadows, to lipsticks, all face products, all brushes and tools. The selection above is just to underline the fact that these products mentioned are far the best in the market compared to any other.

Although it is quite expensive in many regions, Laura is definitely your money’s worth.

Until next time, take care!


January 2012 Favourites


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January 31st. It is time for my first monthly favourites post.

Today, I woke up in¬†to a snow white morning. The scenery was beautiful but who would have thought, I had to wait for the bus for about¬†45 minutes… Looking at the deep white reflection of snow, slowly but surely becoming¬†a part of this scenery myself… When I made it to the office, I was frozen, all wet.

Although I like winters with snow, there are circumtances. Skin gets really dry, stressed due to the cold weather and air conditioning, lips get chapped, hair gets dull. So maintenance is highly required over these days…

I have a couple of favourites and tips that I find quite useful these days, so let’s jump in to my Jan 12 favourites.

Lucas Papaw Ointment: This is a multi Рpurpose Australian product which is quite thick and rich in consistency. There is a slight fruity scent to it. It is good for almost all sorts of skin problems (burns, boils, chafing, cuts, open wounds, insect bites, rashes etc) and when it comes to seriously chapped lips, this works wonders. Although it is hard to get, I highly recommend this product. Available online from some UK web sites and it is quite affordable, too. I use it on a regular basis during winter months on my lips, any irritated area on my cheeks and as a cuticle cream. It is also great product to soothe the skin after face Рwaxing.

Bath Gloves: ¬†These bath gloves are a perfect way to¬†convert any shower gel/cream to a gentle exfoliator.¬†Helps to get¬†rid of the dead skin cells and leaves a¬†soft skin behind.¬†3 – 5 minutes massage in the shower,¬†you are good to go!¬†Easy and effective¬†way¬†to skip¬†buying an extra¬†product (scrubs, exfoliators)¬†and one less step in your routine. They are available almost each and every supermarket, pharmacy.¬†Mine are from Body Shop ūüôā

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural: I am loving MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Medium this month. It is such an invisible powder, which leaves the skin silky and sets the make up perfectly. Not drying, not emphasizing dry flakes, somehow controlling oil throughout the day and fantastic for touch ups. I highly recommend this one, too. The coverage is too light to be used by its own, I normally dust a little on liquid foundation to finish off. And as well it prepares a nice and smooth base for any powder blush.

Jemma Kidd Light as Air Foundation:¬†I ordered Jemma Kidd Light as Air online (from Beautybay)¬†early this month and using it¬†since¬†two weeks. Although a little early to comment, I’m really happy with what it delivers,¬†the coverage, finish and the stay power is quite good. Not dewy, not matte, in between, skin like effect.¬†It lasts on my face all day¬†(around 10 hours).¬†The only *potential* issue is that I have active break outs going on since¬†last week. I don’t know if it is due to this¬†foundation or if my skin is irritated for some other reason. I will keep you posted with the results on a separate review.

Last but not least,

Lush Dream Cream:¬†It is Lush’s best selling product. Although quite light in texture, very nutritive for sensitive skin. It has a noticeable herbal scent to it which I am sure not everybody’s taste. I love the scent ’cause it feels very organic (if it makes sense), kind of old school and¬†medical. My skin stays fully moisturized and soft for at least 2 days (that’s the longest I last without taking a shower).

That seems to be the end of it for this month. Hope to see you soon with another post to come and till then take care!


Make up bag challenge – Travel selection


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I love to travel… I live to travel… No, trust me, I am not exaggerating. I am a Sagittarius with endless passion to travel anytime, anywhere.

And I love to travel as light as possible. Those times that I am packing to go, no matter if it is two weeks holiday to somewhere I have never been or just a long weekend back home, I have the best mood ever, going through my stuff, deciding on what to take with me is just fun.

That is probably why I am obsessed with wash bags, make up bags as well as the stuff in them. I am in love with these Paul Smith wash bags with colourful Mini’s on several locations and the whole wash bag¬†collections they come up with. Adorable, expensive and most characteristics wash bags… At the moment I just follow them online and maybe someday I will just go and buy one (as soon as I convince myself to spend¬†a small¬†fortune for a wash bag).

I always have this dream of narrowing down my make up collection to fit in a medium sized make up bag, full of holy grail make up items in it. Suitable for each and every occasion, all time favourites, fail Рsafe make up selection to travel with me wherever I go.  

From time to time, I find myself taking a peek at my make – up drawer, thinking which ones would I pick if I was going away for two weeks.

A quick list from the top of my head would be as follows, which as you can tell¬† not much different than my favourites mentioned in previous posts…

Make up bag includes:

Clinique Super City Block Face Protector in SPF 40

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation in shade 52

Chanel Vitalumiere Acqua Foundation in shade B20

Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder in Natural Beige

Nars eyeshadow duo in РCharade

Mac Interior Life eyeshadow quad from Daphne Guiness collection

Mac blush in¬†–¬†Well Dressed, Bobbi Brown pot rouge (cream¬†colour for cheeks & lips)¬†in Powder pink

Laura Mercier Thickening and Building Mascara

Laura Mercier Brow gel (to set brows, nice & neat)

Dior Lip Glow Рcolour reviver with SPF10

Laura Mercier РSheer lip colour in Nude Lips

And all sorts of occasions in days and nights would be covered with the above products in each season. Writing down this post made me want to travel soon.. Next one is around end of February, going back home just for a long weekend, I am looking forward to it. 

Have a great Sunday! Take care!



Hang on Beauty’s Best of 2011 – Make up


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Better late than never, here I am with my favourite make-up items of 2011.

I have to say I changed my taste in make – up over the past year.¬†I moved from¬†heavy¬†coverage to¬†light/medium coverage foundations, from mocha tones to more sheer tones of pinks and peaches in blushes, from smokey eye make –¬†ups to more subtle shades,¬†plums, light browns on the crease just to contour the eye… I really enjoyed the No Make up Make up looks to achieve, and using colours that are more natural, just to catch a healthy glow all year around.

Chanel Vitalumiere Acqua Foundation SPF15:¬†I adore this foundation! Very natural, skin like finish that stays on and provides good coverage. The variety of shades are limited however they managed to¬†create shades that are versatile, can suit more than one skin tone. I’m in B20 – Beige Tendre and is a perfect match. Best way to apply would be with fingers and I usually use my Shiseido foundation brush (flat top, dense foundation brush)¬†which works just as well. Downsides are the price (retails around 33 GBP,¬† 39 Euros) and the alcohol and parabens it contains. I highly recommend this foundation for the most natural look you can get but it is always safer to get a sample first to make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients including alcohol.

Laura Mercier Mineral Pressed Powder SPF15: I am not much of a powder girl ūüôā I really prefer dewy, healthy looking skin and majority of the powders intend to give you a dull complexion. However this one is great! 100% natural ingredients, sheer finish, oil free with SPF, water resistant formula… It delivers all I ask for from a descent powder. I highly recommend to check this one out. It lasts quite a long time which justifies the price of 70 CHF (around 31 GBP). It provides good coverage with a good colour range which can be used alone on some lazy days, just as good. Depending on the coverage you want, you can switch the brushes from kabuki to regular fluffy powder brush. I personally use this to set the foundation so I dust really small amount with powder brush all over my face which also makes the powder blush glides on easily.

NARS Eyeshadow Duo РCharade: This matte duo is amazing especially if you have brown eyes. The formula is definitely crease Рfree, blends effortlessly and colour selection flatters your eyes, making them pop. This is my fail Рsafe, everyday go Рto eyeshadow duo. I can achieve day or night time looks easily, buildable. I am a big fan of Nars eyeshadow formulas and colour selections. Love it!

MAC Blush РWell Dressed: This colour is fantastic! A very very sheer cool pink, that is hardly there. The effect it gives is as if you have a fading blush on your cheeks which I love for everyday look. Colour pay off, pigmentation might be too sheer for you if you like your blush to pop up. I would recommend for paler skins during winter time especially to have the illusion of healthy glow.

Laura Mercier Thickening and Building Mascara: This is the best ever mascara I ever tried! It comes only in black. Very natural finish as if you are not wearing mascara at all. Not clumping, not drying which allows you full 6 months of use. Comparing to other drugstore/highstreet mascaras, it is worth to pay the difference if you are up to natural, thick lashes. I am alternating this one with Maybelline Full and Soft Mascara which is as well very good for my taste. When it comes to mascaras, I am a little picky. My eyes are really sensitive and can get itchy and both of these mascaras are the ones I am most comfortable with during the day and at night while trying to remove my make up.

Dior Lip Glow SPF 10:¬†Colour awakening lip balm. This is a very unique product with a formula that¬†enhances the natural lip colour and¬†gives you a customized colour of your own lips. Brilliant idea for women like me, having quite pigmented lip colour, I can’t always go for nudes, pinks which can make¬†me look washed.¬†I’m loving this one¬†especially during summer, for fuller, fresher lips, hydrated and healthy. The second favourite¬†of mine during 2011 has been the Chanel Coco Rouge Shine¬†in colour 54 – Boy. It is also very subtle pink colour with right amount of shimmer for any season, any time of the day, quite versatile.

Et voila! Will see you soon and until then take care!


Tired of Peaches and Pinks?!


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Just occured to me how make up revolves around pinks and peaches when it comes to cheeks and lips… This traditional way of making up with pinks and peaches, gets¬†little boring, especially when most¬†brands make available all sorts of colours for each skin tone.

New year, new shopping *urge!*, I found myself at MAC counter during lunch time ūüôā Which other colour would flatter my skin tone?

I was checking a¬†few lipsticks, trying on¬†the colours… I found an easy one, ‘Syrup’ (Lustre finish). The colour was sheer enough for my liking, tried it on my lips, not bad at all.¬†It¬†has a hint of plum/purple in it,¬†which compliments the¬†colour of my lips and my brown hair and eyes. I was convinced and moved on to the eyeshadows…


I liked the idea of plums, purples, and¬†I checked similar tones, shimmery ones, matte ones, different finishes and settled on the shade called ‘Quarry’. I asked for help to get the lipstick and eyeshadow. That’s when the lady at MAC counter asked me if I would be interested on the limited edition quad which has a very similar colour as ‘Quarry’. Of course I would ūüôā When it comes to limited editions, aren’t we all interested? I checked¬†the quad called ‘Interior Life’ by Daphne Guiness collection. I really liked these cool toned,¬†mute shadows, that¬†are perfect for everyday brunettes. I wouldn’t reach out for this pallette if I wasn’t suggested ’cause the colours look a little dull at first glance and when you try them on, you realize how they¬†make brown eyes pop. Finishing is quite satin like matte, stays on good 10 hours without creasing.

Happy with my new lipstick and the quad, next day, I decided to get a blush that would give more of a plum hint than the regular peaches and pinks. Again, I was checking at MAC counter and¬†found the ‘Breath of Plum’, sheer tone¬†blush colour and as the name has it, it has the perfect¬† plum tone, which wouldn’t make you¬†look bruised.¬†The colour on the pan¬†looks vibrant¬†but still very subtle due to sheer tone finishing. Kind of my natural blushing colour on the cheeks,¬†compared to the regular blushes that I reach out everyday with the idea that blush needs to be either pink or peach.

Long story short, I enjoyed this new way, a little plumy make up treat for myself.

I believe a little change in tone, makes a lot of difference on make up. I find this plum touch a little more on the modern side than the traditional pinks and peaches.

If you are tired of the regular blush colours in your mind/collection, go and try out some plum tone, maybe you would enjoy it as much as I did :).

Take care!